the design process

Every project Danette Danyow takes on is a custom work of art. To accomplish her client’s goals means working through the design process.


In an initial consultation, Danette with go through the project and what your vision for the space is. The scope of the project will be determined and an agreement, including our fees and the timeline, will be signed so we can begin working for you.


Next we will create a design scheme. Depending on the needs of the project, this could include floor and space plans, examples of suggested flooring, paint color swatches, furniture choices, fabrics, lighting recommendations and drapery samples.  We’ll present these in a way that shows the space coming together and you can make changes and choices that further define the project.


We’ll present pricing for each of your choices and make sure you have all the information necessary to make informed choices you are comfortable with. Once these choices are solidified, we then begin the process of ordering and installing each element and turn your vision into reality. We promise the end result will be a phenomenal new space you will love.

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